Sometimes It Is What It Is In Sports

May 23

Sometimes It Is What It Is In Sports

Sometimes it is what it is in sports. Sometimes it’s just not your day. After watching the Cleveland Cavaliers lose to the Toronto Raptors it was interesting to hear all the commentary about what they didn’t do or what they should have done. Sometimes it is what it is.

The fact of the matter is that the Cavs weren’t hitting their shots, the Raptors were hitting theirs and  played out of his mind. Biyombo had 26 rebounds and blocked four shots and let’s not forget about the Raptors’ backcourt combining for 52 points.

As for the Cavs, two of the big three just didn’t show up. Kyrie Irving only had 13 points and Kevin Love only had 3.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with the Cavs. I know that was their first playoff loss and the shots weren’t falling but that doesn’t mean that the team has a problem or that the chemistry that everyone was talking about is gone. It simply means that the team had an off night.

Let’s also not disregard the fact that the Raptors were playing at home. Home court advantage is a topic I’ll delve into a litter deeper in another post but the Raptors were due to have a breakout game, especially in front of that home crowd. And I understand that everyone likes to downplay the competition in the Eastern Conference but once again the situation is what it is.

Something has to be said about the fact that the Raptors actually made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. I have a hard time accepting or believing that the Cavs are the only legitimate team in the east, we are talking about 14 other “NBA” teams that are being looked at as sub par. No I don’t think the east is as strong as the west but I don’ think the discrepancy is as large as people make it out to be. I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.


What I’m getting at is that some things just are what they are and we can’t do anything about it. The Cavs had a bad game and that’s okay. The Raptors had a great game and that’s okay as well. Let’s just enjoy the games and try not to get so deep and analyze the hell out of everything. I understand we have to come up with stories and things to talk about between games but we are all victims of talking and thinking too much sometimes.

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