Is It Possible To Make The NFL Even Better?

Aug 18

Is It Possible To Make The NFL Even Better?

The NFL is already the number one sport in the nation but there are a few things that would make the sport even better.

  1. If Johnny Manziel becomes a superstar.
  2. If Tim Tebow becomes a starting NFL quarterback.
  3. If Los Angeles football team wins the Super Bowl.

Johnny Manziel

I’m not a Texas A&M fan nor was I a big Johnny football fan but I had and have a great deal of respect for the guy. I really didn’t have a problem with his money sign; it kind of went with his style of play. I think the guy has star power and he gets butts in the seats and eyes on the television screens.

The wonderful people in Cleveland would like nothing more than for Johnny Manziel to become the Browns starting QB, but for the sake of the NFL, he doesn’t just need to start, he needs to be a superstar.

Tim Tebow

As for Tebow, he’s in a different situation. He doesn’t have to really be a superstar, he just needs to be a starter. If he can find some way to wiggle his way onto an NFL roster I’d be willing to bet that he’d get a legitimate chance to start unless he has to play behind someone like Manning, Brady, Rogers…you get the idea.

All I’m saying is that people love Tim Tebow, people even love to hate Tim Tebow. His name is great for the game. It broke my heart to see him working on GMA last year when we all knew he belonged on a football field. That’s not a shot at GMA, just as a little plug, it’s my favorite show to watch in the morning, but Tebow shouldn’t be on their payroll right now.

L.A. Football

Finally Los Angeles is going to get a NFL football team, this is long overdue. How in the world does the second largest city in the nation not have a football team? The only thing crazier than that is that OKC, Memphis and a city in Canada actually have NBA teams. Someone please explain to me how that happened.

Now that LA is actually going to have a team now, everything about the situation has to be top notch. The stadium better be one of the best in the NFL and they need to put a good product on the field. If they are able to put a winning team on the field in a brand new state of the art stadium; it’s going to make the NFL even bigger than it already is.


Sure the NFL already has a really good product but one thing I’ve learned over the years is that if you don’t continue to revamp things, keep things fresh or continue to be innovative, it will surely begin to decline. If you don’t believe me take a look at boxing and MLB.

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