Explain These NBA Blowouts

Jun 11

Explain These NBA Blowouts

Game 3 of the NBA went kind of like I expected it to. I thought the Cavaliers would win game 3 but not by 30. Who would have figured that? The bigger story is not that the Cavs won but the fashion in which they won. These have been some of the weirdest games in the history of the NBA Finals.

No one can really pinpoint why these games have been so one sided and I’m not going to sit here and act like I have all the answers, but I can give you my 3 cents.

No Interior Presence

After listening to the gurus on ESPN and FOX Sports one thing they seem to always talk about is that big men don’t dominate in the post anymore. Years ago we had guys like Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon that dominated in the post. Today our big men are moving further away from the basket and playing more like small forwards. I can’t help but think about Dwight Howard. What happened? He was the best big man in the game for some years but we’ve seen the game change during the middle of his career and it has really hurt him.

But back to the NBA finals, these games have been all about who’s hitting their shots from the outside. Whichever team gets hot from the outside is going to win the game. It’s obvious that the Cavaliers strategy is to make sure they contain the Slash Brothers as much as possible and live with what everyone else does. Their strategies worked in game 3 and thank goodness, for the Cav’s stake; that the Warrior’s role players didn’t play lights out for a third game in a row.

As for the Cavs, they were able to hit the shot that just wouldn’t fall in the first two games. Kyrie played lights out, J.R. was taking and hitting his shot and King James delivered from the outside as well. Having said that, can they repeat this performance?

What neither team has been able to do is establish an interior game. Yes Tristan Thompson has been doing his job for the Cavs and Andrew Bogut has made a few good plays for the Warriors but neither guy has been a big topic of conversation. Some critics even called out Coach Lue for not playing Timofey Mozgov more during the playoffs, are they right or are they wrong, who knows?


All I know is that the Splash Brothers better get it together because Cleveland seems to have gotten into a groove. If J.R. and Kyrie are hitting their shots and Lebron plays at the same level he did in game three it’s going to be a long night for the Golden State Warriors. On the other hand, if the Splash Brothers get going too we’re going to be in store for a great game.

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The Steph Curry Hype is out of Control

May 12

The Steph Curry Hype is out of Control

I don’t think anyone will argue that Steph Curry deserved to be MVP this season. He was arguably the most improved player after having won the award last season too. So let me start this blog off by stating that I love Steph Curry, hell, I like his parents, his wife and kids are beautiful and Riley Curry is a superstar. Now back to basketball.

I think the Steph Curry hype has gone too far and here’s why.

Best All-Around Team

The Golden State Warriors broke the single season wins record this season that was previously held by the great Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. Who in their right mind thought we would ever see another team have a better record than 72-10? I know I didn’t. I would have bet my last dollar that if would have never happened because athletes were becoming more gifted and they were closing the gap between role players and superstars.

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. The 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors actually did it, not just because they have Steph Curry but because they have one of the best constructed teams of all time. Most of the time when you have a player of Steph Curry’s caliber on a team, there’s usually only one other person on the team you’ll have to focus on. For example, with the old Bulls you had to factor in what Pippen would do, the Lakers had Kobe and Shaq, Utah had Stockton and Malone, etc.

Sure there were teams that had a big 3 if you go back to the old Laker or Celtic teams and even Greg Pop’s Spurs, but we have never seen anything like what the Warriors have now.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that Steph Curry is the beneficiary of being on a really well constructed team. Once again that’s not a knock on him, just that the team is great from top to bottom. They have guys like Klay Thompson or Draymond Green could be the face of many franchises out here. But let’s not forget that they also have former All-Star Andre Iguodala coming off the bench and one of the best backup point guards in the game in Shaun Livingston.

This leads me to my next point

The Warriors can win without Steph Curry, but not the Cavs

With the arsenal of weapons that the Warriors have, I’m pretty sure they would still be a force in the NBA even if Step Curry wasn’t on the team. Once again, let me say that I think Step is definitely the man, we’ve never seen anything like him before, but what about that guy in Cleveland?

Lebron James, in my opinion, is still the most polarizing figure in the NBA. Why? I’m glad you asked. Because whatever team he’s on is immediately a title contender. There aren’t many players in the NBA that you can say that about, hell there aren’t many people in the history of the NBA that you can say that about.

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