How Did You Eat Today?

How did you eat today?  Today I ate really clean, but it was pretty fishy.  I had baked tilapia for lunch and dinner.  I know, that pretty bland, but I have been able to keep it interesting with different spices.  For lunch I coated the fish with lemon pepper and I ate it with some green beans and carrots.  I

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Don’t Eat Too Much During The Holidays

“It’s the holiday season so I feel like I should treat myself and eat whatever I want for the rest of the year.”  Does this sound like something you may have said recently?  I never had the intentions on just eating everything in sight for the rest of the holiday season, but I have been eating a little more than

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Water Really Is That Important

Water is the single most important thing that we as human beings need. We have been told our entire lives that we need to drink more water, but very few people understand all the benefits of drinking the appropriate amount of water. Consequently, we drink a little water here and a little water there but never enough. If people truly

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