Do You Have A Favorite Team or Favorite Players?

Do you have favorite teams or favorite players

Are there any true fans anymore? Is it okay to jump ship if your favorite player goes to a different team? The lines have been blurred for favorite teams nowadays; maybe nothing has changed but the rules in sports, meaning free agency and the freedom for players to move around more freely. I remember a time when players used to

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Are Black Quarterbacks Smart Enough for the NFL?

Randall Cunningham

I recently watched a documentary about Warren Moon and an interesting point that was discussed was the stereotyping of black quarterbacks. Anyone that’s been following football and particularly the NFL for the past 20 or more years has heard this debate numerous times. It was once said that black quarterbacks weren’t smart enough to play the position in the NFL

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Are NFL Teams Putting Too Much Stock In Rookie Quarterbacks?

Rookie quarterbacks

I think they are. There has been way more misses than hits when it comes to drafting quarterbacks at the top of the draft. Unlike college basketball where the top picks are one and done, we usually get to see a pretty extensive body of work from college football players before they enter the draft. I use the term ‘usually’

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