Kevin Durant Needs To Keep His Ass In OKC

Jun 29

Kevin Durant Needs To Keep His Ass In OKC

Why in the hell would Kevin Durant leave Oklahoma City? Sometimes I think some of these top tier athletes like to play around with free agency just so they can hear other organizations and top executives tell them how great they are.

OKC arguably had the best team in the NBA this past season. Yeah, I meant that last statement. I know the Golden State Warriors broke the record for most wins in a season but after the finals were over we saw that it didn’t mean as much. But let’s get back to Mr. Durant.

Kevin Durant and his OKC Thunder put the Spurs out of the playoffs and they had the great Golden State Warriors down 3-1 before they pissed the series away. Even though they lost; I think it’s safe to say that the Warriors don’t ever want to see that team in a 7 game series again.

Steven Adams’ celebrity grew during the series and Russell Westbrook proved that he should have gotten more consideration for MVP. No I’m not saying he should have won over Steph Curry but it shouldn’t have been unanimous, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

Kevin Durant’s presence alongside those two guys was the perfect recipe for success. Durant needs to recognize what he has right in front of him and do everything in his power to keep these two guys on his team. I mean the goal is to win championships, right?

The rumors for the past week or two have been that Durant was leaning towards the Golden State Warriors. I’ve been seeing Instagram and Twitter videos of Durant being photoshopped into Warrior’s plays. This actually makes me want to throw up. The last thing I think a player of his caliber should do is go and join the enemy. The Warriors just beat you in a series that you could and should have won and now you’re going to join them? Come on man!

The Warriors aren’t the only team making a big push for Durant. I know majority of the NBA would love to have him but according to industry insiders it sounds like San Antonio is another serious option for Durant and once again that move doesn’t make sense to me either. Why would arguably one of the top 3 players in the NBA want to go to a team that is already a serious contender without him? Doesn’t that take away from his status as a “Big Dog” in the NBA? Does this even matter to Durant?

The move that would make sense to me is if he were to go back home and play for the Washington Wizards. It would be a great story, especially if he can take them to the top, which he is very capable of doing. Just imagine Durant alongside John Wall. It’s probably won’t be as good as him and Westbrook but I’d watch it.

A few other teams are also in the mix and I hear Carmelo Anthony has already given Durant his best pitch to join him and Derrick Rose with the New York Knicks. I don’t know where he is going but I think it would be in his best interest to just stay put. The cool thing for me is that I’ll probably have a Durant story to write about for a good bit longer. In case you didn’t know, Durant will be set to make a lot more money if he signs a 1 year deal and re-enters free agency in 2017. And when I say extra money I mean an extra $100 million. So sit back, enjoy the show and get ready for a whole bunch of butt kissing for the next couple of years.


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Should Kevin Durant stay in OKC?

Aug 18

Should Kevin Durant stay in OKC?

Kevin Durant recently said that he believes he is the best player in the NBA. Many would probably say that title belongs to Lebron James but no one really seems to have a problem with him making that statement. After all we are talking about a guy that averages 25 pts, 6.6 reb and 4 ast per game, and he also plays alongside a scoring point guard in Russell Westbrook.

If someone were to ask me who the best player in the NBA is right now, I would have to say LBJ without a doubt, but I do ask myself what would happen if Durant decided to play in a larger market and not have to share the ball with a point guard that takes more shots than he does. It would be interesting to see Durant takes his talents somewhere else.

This is no knock on Oklahoma City, I’m sure it’s a really nice town and the word is that they have some of the best fans in the NBA. But I just think it would be good for the NBA and Kevin Durant’s brand if he were playing in a bigger market. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the Lakers go back to their rightful place atop the Eastern Conference with Durant leading the charge? Oh yeah, Kobe is there and who knows when he’ll really retire.

What if he were to play in New York? Couldn’t you see Durant as a Knickerbocker? It would be awesome to see Spike Lee sitting courtside at MSG with a Durant jersey on. The Knicks belong at the top of the Eastern Conference, New York City is a basketball city and the fans deserve it. Oh yeah, I forgot, Carmelo Anthony is there and Phil Jackson is working on his master plan for the Knicks. We’ll just wait on that.

Maybe he can go back home to D.C. and play for the Wizards, ah ha, that’s it. Durant belongs in the Nation Capital. I’m not sure who’ll be traded if he were to go home, but surely the roster can’t hold Durant, Beal and Wall, someone has to go.

Washington D.C. is a major market and it’s would make for a great story to have one of the top 2 or 3 players in the league come home.

Should Durant go home?

Will it help his brand?

Will it help his case for the best player in the world?

I’m not sure but I’d love to hear what you think. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Should he stay in OKC or should he take his talents elsewhere?

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