Do You Have A Favorite Team or Favorite Players?

Do you have favorite teams or favorite players

Are there any true fans anymore? Is it okay to jump ship if your favorite player goes to a different team? The lines have been blurred for favorite teams nowadays; maybe nothing has changed but the rules in sports, meaning free agency and the freedom for players to move around more freely. I remember a time when players used to

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Can Still Win

Cleveland Cavaliers

I had high hopes for the Cleveland Cavaliers going into Game 2 of the NBA Finals but after watching about 3 quarters I started asking myself if the Eastern Conference was really that much weaker than the Western Conference. I guess I let the commentators and Twitter influence how I felt. All the negative comments about the Cavs and the

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Sometimes It Is What It Is In Sports

Sometimes it is what it is in sports. Sometimes it’s just not your day. After watching the Cleveland Cavaliers lose to the Toronto Raptors it was interesting to hear all the commentary about what they didn’t do or what they should have done. Sometimes it is what it is. The fact of the matter is that the Cavs weren’t hitting

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