Beware Of Get Skinny Quick Schemes

Jan 16

Beware Of Get Skinny Quick Schemes

Have you ever talked to someone that was always getting involved in a get rich quick scheme or a get skinny quick scheme? They are so motivated for the first week or so and then they realize that it’s not going to work.

I’m not sure why these same people are so willing to try these schemes or scams over and over again. The fact of the matter is that they just don’t work.

As for the get skinny quick schemes, someone tried to explain to me why the one that they were doing was a good idea. They were certain that if they were able to stick to the 2 week plan; which promised they would lose some god awful amount of weight, then they would just maintain their weight from that point on.

I can’t remember all the details of this particular diet but it was basically a detox. They were only going to consume liquids for a week and then slowly reintroduce solid foods. Now let me first say that I have nothing against detoxing. I think it’s a wonderful thing when done correctly. It’s a great way to purify the body and yes you will lose some weight in the process. The problem I have isn’t with detoxing, it’s the people that think detoxing is the end all be all to weight loss.

What I tried to explain to this person is that they would indeed lose some weight from detoxing but once their diet returned to normal, the weight was going to return. They assured me that this was not going to be the case for them. They were going to keep the weight off and the only reason they needed to do it was to give themselves a boost.


The reality of the situation is that nothing worth having is going to be easy. I try to explain to everyone that I talk to about health and fitness that it’s a lifestyle that most people aren’t willing to adapt. Weight loss happens when you make up your mind to change your lifestyle. You have to become more active and resist the urge to indulge in certain foods (unhealthy foods) all the time.


Don’t believe the hype. There is no such thing as a get skinny quick programs. These programs will fill your head with false dreams and take your money, but don’t be discouraged. There are some really good programs out there, some that will help you develop healthy habits and keep you accountable throughout the week.

For more information about the Slab World Fitness Program, fill out the form on our website and someone will contact you and help you get started with a new and excited healthy lifestyle.

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How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going So Far?

Jan 08

How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going So Far?

We haven’t even made it through the first half of January and many of us have already done something to sabotage our New Year’s resolution.

So what does this mean?

Lack of Dedication or Poor Structuring

It could show a lack of dedication, or it could be poor structuring. Chances are since we are so early in the year, you’re desire to be healthier or more fit hasn’t fizzled out yet. The problem is that you haven’t structured your days to fit the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Now that we are back into the flow of work, kids are back in school and the monotony of daily living is back upon us, what adjustments did you make to meet your goals?

If you’re still waking up at the same time, going to bed at the same time, still watching the same amount of television, etc., it’s going to be hard to implement new habits. You don’t have time to implement new habits because your 2015 life is starting off just like your 2014 life ended. There is something that is occupying every 24 hour slot throughout the day and you don’t have room to make adjustments.

Switch It Up

We can read every health and fitness article or blog known to man but without some type of action there won’t be any change. In order to create change and implement new strategies we must first make an assessment of what we are currently doing. If being too busy is a hindrance, we have to figure out what can be removed from our lives that’s not adding value or contributing to our goals.

Only a small percentage of people can honestly say they are effectively utilizing every single hour of their day. I read a meme the other day that joked about someone being too busy to workout but they were able to make it to the last level on Candy Crush. That meme pretty much summed up how most people’s lives are.

We seem to find time to do the things that we really want to do but make excuses when things are a little challenging. To combat this we have to ask ourselves, do we really want to do what it takes to reach our goals?

If you do, you have to switch up the routine. Something has to be removed in order to add workout time or extra prep time for cooking healthier meals. We only have 24 hours each day, so concessions have to be made.

It’s going to Be Hard

Being totally honest with you, eating healthy and consistently working out is not easy. If it were there would be way more people walking around with beach bodies. Some people find it easy to workout but struggle with their diet and vice versa.

I’ve heard some people say, they’d rather be fat and happy because the time and energy it takes to have a beach body is too much. I’m not mad at these people because it really is that hard. Next time you go to the gym, pay attention to the most fit people there. They are pushing themselves to the limit. It doesn’t look like the most fun thing in the world…it actually looks excruciating, but once they’re done they seem to walk with a bit more confidence than everyone else.


This tells me that the reward is greater than the pain. So don’t give up on what you want. Yes, it will be hard and there will be days that you will want to quit. Find your inner strength and keep fighting. You may have to remove some luxuries from your life like Candy Crush, but we are all given the same amount of time and there is nothing holding us back but ourselves.

Written by: Gminski Stubbs

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Try Some New Workouts This Year

Jan 04

Try Some New Workouts This Year

It may be time to try something new. I’m not going to turn this into another New Year’s resolution blog, there are enough of those out there. What I am trying to do is encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and try something that they have never done or even thought about doing, in the areas of health and fitness of course.


When I was younger, I don’t remember there being many ways to get in shape. People walked, jogged, lifted weights or did aerobics, that’s about it. The most innovative thing I can remember is when my mom got a Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo tape. Yep, I said tape, it was on VHS.

For some people the traditional workouts are good enough and there is nothing wrong with that, but others have gotten tired of the same old thing and want to try something new.

Here are 4 different workouts you may want to try.

Pole Dancing

No I’m not kidding, pole dancing is one of the best workouts for strengthening and toning. If you don’t believe me, check out a professional dancer in action and let me know what you think about her body.

The classes are usually women and probably most fun when done in groups. So grab a couple of your girlfriends and get on that pole.

Twerking Classes

Another class that’s usually designated for women is twerking class. Now I must be honest, I didn’t think twerking classes would stick, but they are popping up all over the place. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out on YouTube, the videos are quite entertaining.

Let me warn you, if the idea of participating in a pole dancing class seems a little edgy, then twerking class is completely out of the question. But if you’re ready to do something bold and totally against the grain, give it a try.


Pilates is a bit more subtle than the previous two workouts I recommended. Even though pilates has been around for a while, the term may be new to people that aren’t health and fitness enthusiast.

Pilates is considered a mind-body exercise that uses floor mats and/or a variety of equipment. The workouts are great for individuals that are trying to build strength without bulking.


Don’t worry fellas, I didn’t forget about you. If you like lifting weight and your tired of the same old workouts you’ve been doing since high school, then you should give CrossFit a try.

No it’s not just for men, some of the most popular people in CrossFit are women. The workouts are extremely challenging and I wouldn’t recommend CrossFit to anyone who is just getting started. This is more of an advanced workout so prepare to be pushed to the limit, CrossFit is intense.

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Have You Set Your 2015 Health and Fitness Goals?

Jan 02

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to get the body you know you deserve. So what’s going to make this year different. You are!

Far too often we blame everyone and everything except ourselves for not reaching our health and fitness goals.

For everyone out there that’s going to be on board with Slab World Fitness, let’s make this year the year of accountability. (For some reason I feel like I needed to put a hashtag in front of accountability)

Here are a few steps that will help you reach your 2015 health and fitness goals.

Write Them Down

Who hasn’t heard that you need to write your goals down? Writing down goals has been tested and proven by countless people over the years, but for every person you talk to that it has worked for, you can probably find two people that it hasn’t worked for.

The reason for it not working for these people can be debated, but studies show that the people who stick to their goals the best take it a step further and set deadlines.

Setting deadlines leads us into the second step, which is to make sure that your goals are realistic.

Be Realistic

Unrealistic goal setting is the quickest way to sabotage your goals. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by comparing your situation to people you’ve seen on television or social media. We don’t always know the whole story and some of their methods may not be the healthiest.

Break your fitness goals up monthly and/or quarterly. This allows you to come back to them regularly and make adjustments according to your progress. By the way, there is nothing wrong with tweaking your goal list. Sometimes it may take a little longer to reach your bench press goal or your weight loss goal, so it should be adjusted. But there may be times when you reach your goals faster than expected, which will require some adjusting as well.

Partner Up

Having a good support system is a great way to stick to your 2015 goals. Share your goals with your personal trainer, workout partner or spouse. They will help you stay accountable and assist you through your process.


Like anything else in life, if it’s worth having, it won’t be easy. Let’s attack our goals list in 2015 with desire and passion. Make sure they are realistically set and revisit them on a regular basis.

Let’s make 2015 our best year.

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You Need a Partner In The Gym

Dec 31

On the eve of New Year’s Eve I noticed that there was a decent amount of people at the gym. Just as a side note, I’m in south Atlanta and I just assume that the crowds or lack of crowds at the gym on certain days are pretty parallel with the rest of the country. Hopefully, as this blog develops I’ll be able to get insight from other readers from around the country.

Anyway, back to my gym. I’ve been impressed with the number of people that have remained dedicated to working out. It’s actually been pretty motivational for me.  I also have an added motivation…a workout partner that happens to be my son.

He’s a 16 year old high school football player and we have been able to push each other for the past couple of years.

I believe that partnering up with someone at the gym is very important.  Sure you can work out alone but I’ve noticed over the years that the people that seem to get the most gain or loss (whatever your goal is), seem to be the people that either workout with a partner, a personal trainer or attend classes on a regular basis.

Some people may try to make the argument that anyone can get the same results working out alone and for some people that may be true. But I’ve always noticed that things are always done harder or more passionately when competition is involved.

Think back to when you were a child. There were time you played by yourself and there were times when you played with your siblings or friends. I’m willing to bet that when you were by yourself, you were much more relaxed. You probably weren’t as engaged when you played basketball alone or played video games alone.  But whenever you had someone else around it brought out the best in you.

I view working out the same way. You can work out alone but if you had a partner or someone else to motivate you, you’d get better results.

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.

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