The Life Of A Dallas Cowboys’ Fan

Lord knows I love the Dallas Cowboys. I really thought this was our year, even though the odds were against us. The team was playing with a depleted defense; a rookie running back and oh yeah, their franchise quarterback was on IR at the beginning of the season. Who would have thought that the Dallas defense would play as well

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Dieting While On Vacation

How do you maintain a healthy diet while on vacation?  Well it’s not the easiest task in the world and besides; it’s vacation.  Most people; including myself, like to indulge a little more than normal when vacationing, but there is a difference between indulging and overindulging.  Stick to these 3 simple tips when trying to maintain a healthy diet on

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5 Weight Loss Workouts

Weight loss is a hot topic and people are continuously trying to come up with new and innovative                              ways to get rid of unwanted pounds.  However, no matter what people claims is the secret to weight loss, there is no substitution for old fashion exercising.  Walking

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