Take Your Diet Day By Day

Have you ever completed a week of clean eating and at the end of that week you feel like you’ve climbed to the top of Mount Rushmore? Eating clean can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a good game plan. The mistake I used to make was waiting till Friday before I assessed my eating results. I noticed a

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The Cheat Day From Hell

I’m sure it’s happened to all health conscious people, a cheat meal or cheat day that went a little too far. I fell victim to the cheat day because of convenience. I know that’s not a real excuse but hey, it’s better than no excuse at all, right? What Went Wrong? The day started off wrong…as far as eating healthy

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Beware Of Get Skinny Quick Schemes

Have you ever talked to someone that was always getting involved in a get rich quick scheme or a get skinny quick scheme? They are so motivated for the first week or so and then they realize that it’s not going to work. I’m not sure why these same people are so willing to try these schemes or scams over

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