If Lamar Jackson wasn’t around, who would win the Heisman Trophy?

We all know that Lamar Jackson is tearing up college football this year and if the season came to an end right now he would hands down be the Heisman Trophy winner, but what if Lamar Jackson wasn’t in the picture? Who do you think has made the strongest case to be crowned as the best player in college football

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Should Jim Harbaugh Stay Out Of The South?

Harbaugh and Saban

Jim Harbaugh has really pissed Nick Saban off with his satellite camps. Saban said that he doesn’t really have a problem with Harbaugh, he just doesn’t like his satellite camps. Maybe I don’t understand everything Saban is talking about but according to him, Harbaugh is doing something illegal. Evidently Harbaugh has found a loophole in the NCAA rules and loopholes

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Fewer Kids Are Playing Multiple Sports

At what age do you think kids should pick one sport and stick to it? Years ago kids were encouraged to play multiple sports throughout high school and it wasn’t too unusual for many of them to play two sports in college. Today things are a little different; kids are encouraged to stick to one sport at really early ages

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