Fewer Kids Are Playing Multiple Sports

May 25

Fewer Kids Are Playing Multiple Sports

At what age do you think kids should pick one sport and stick to it? Years ago kids were encouraged to play multiple sports throughout high school and it wasn’t too unusual for many of them to play two sports in college. Today things are a little different; kids are encouraged to stick to one sport at really early ages and every sport seems to be year round now.

Good for the Sport

I’m not sure if this is good for the kids but it has to be great for the sport. If kids are playing one sport for three or four months, it’s easy for them to get out of rhythm in the other one. I don’t care who you are, if you’ve only been playing basketball for three or four months, it’s going to take a while to get your arm in shape and get your timing down when baseball season comes around.

As for the kids that are sticking to one sport, well they are always going to be ready to go. Sure they’re taking a breaks here and there but not months at a time.

Some people may argue that this may be true for basketball, baseball and a few other sports but not for football. Well I’m here to tell you that times have changed for young football players too, especially skilled position players. There has been an emergence of 7-on-7 football tournaments all throughout the offseason. Many of the teams aren’t high school teammates. It’s just like AAU basketball and travel baseball, these teams are formed by training facilities that are more times than not, run by former college and NFL football players.

In addition to 7-on-7 tournaments, these kids do a lot of 1-on1 drills that focuses on developing the passing game to unexpected heights for teenagers. They also work on speed and agility, strength training and general football knowledge.

This is great for the game because kids are more advanced at an earlier age, which is why we are now seeing so many freshmen enter college football ready to play.

The same concept holds true for other sports as well. Kids are doing sports specific workouts during their “offseason” along with more games during their AAU seasons in basketball and travel baseball/fast pitch softball.

Bad for Kids

As good as year round training may be for the sports, it has to have some drawbacks. There are some kids out there that actually love multiple sports but are being told to make a choice. Even worse, there are kids out there that like one sport more than the other but they’re being told that they have a brighter future in the one they like the least.

What happened to just letting kids have fun? Shouldn’t they play more sports if they want to all throughout high school? Are these training facilities good for kids? These are just a few questions I’d like to hear other people’s opinion about. Tell me what you think?


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