The Life Of A Dallas Cowboys’ Fan

Jan 18

The Life Of A Dallas Cowboys’ Fan

Lord knows I love the Dallas Cowboys. I really thought this was our year, even though the odds were against us. The team was playing with a depleted defense; a rookie running back and oh yeah, their franchise quarterback was on IR at the beginning of the season.

Who would have thought that the Dallas defense would play as well as they did and that a fourth round rookie quarterback would be in the conversation for league MVP? And even though everyone thought Ezekiel Elliott would be a good running back, he exceeded expectations.

The Cowboys finished the season with the best record in the league and earned a first round bye, but unfortunately that happened to be what lead to their demise. The Cowboys starters didn’t play much the last game of the season and with an additional week off, they just didn’t seem to have a good rhythm during most of the first half against the Packers. However the Packers got into a groove during the second half of the NFL season and continued to build on that in their first round win.

That may sound like an excuse but with a rookie quarterback it was obvious that Dak didn’t need that much time off between games. He actually played well overall and the Cowboys had every opportunity to win the game but Aaron Rodgers showed us why Stephen A. Smith refers to him as “That Bad Man”. He drove his team down the field with less than 40 seconds on the clock and crushed every heart in Cowboys nation.

Now the team is left with so many questions this off-season, most importantly, what’s do you do with Tony Romo? I don’t know what to think. I really wanted to see Jason Witten get a ring because I don’t know how many more years he has left. I wanted to see those rookies make history, and I just really wanted to rub it in the faces of all the Cowboys haters on social media. Oh well, I guess I’ll use the same tactic I use every year, try to convince them why next year will be our year.


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Fewer People Are Watching NFL Games

Oct 20

Fewer People Are Watching NFL Games

The NFL is experiencing a ratings drop for the first time in a really long time. So what’s the cause of this? Well there are a few things that could be contributing to the sudden drop in views.

Peyton Manning

For starters the great Peyton Manning is no longer in the NFL. There is a large group of NFL fans that tuned in for years just to see what Mr. Manning was doing, what his stats were and how many fantasy points he was accumulating. I think it’s safe to say he was many people’s favorite player and now that he’s gone it’s sort of left a void, which is causing some of his fans not to care as much about the league.

Tom Brady Suspension

The Tom Brady suspension didn’t sit well with many NFL fans. Much like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady has the heart of many NFL fans all across the nation and if he’s not playing, these fans don’t really care what’s going on. Not only do they not care, they sort of have a bad taste in their mouths about how the NFL is being run and the way that Roger Goodell is laying down the hammer.


Personally I think the NFL is spreading itself too thin. I understand the business of it and that they’re trying to maximize on every opportunity but in my opinion the thing that made the NFL so great is the anticipation.

Now there is no anticipation. Viewers are able to get NFL packages through their cable or satellite providers where they can watch every single game. Along with these packages the games are spread out over more days. Currently we are able to see every NFL game on Sunday, Monday night games, and now Thursday Night Football is a constant. We even get some games really early in the morning when the NFL travels to London; which I like and I’ll touch on that subject later.

Most people will probably say that having more games accessible is great but what actually happens is that they don’t have to make Monday Night Football a priority because if they miss it, they can just catch another game another day since they won’t have to wait that long.

Colin Kaepernick

Probably the most serious reason why people aren’t watching the NFL is because of the Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem situation. I’m not going to discuss whether or not I think what Colin is doing is right or wrong right now but what I will say is that it has rubbed many NFL fans and viewer the wrong way. Some people are so disgusted that they are threatening to never watch the NFL again.


I’m sure there are many other reasons for the drop in viewership but the topics that I listed are the ones that I immediately thought about. I’d love to hear what you think. Why do you think NFL views have fallen off this season?

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Do You Have A Favorite Team or Favorite Players?

Aug 03

Do You Have A Favorite Team or Favorite Players?

Are there any true fans anymore? Is it okay to jump ship if your favorite player goes to a different team? The lines have been blurred for favorite teams nowadays; maybe nothing has changed but the rules in sports, meaning free agency and the freedom for players to move around more freely.

I remember a time when players used to play for the same team for years. It wasn’t hard to root for your favorite team because you knew exactly who was going to be on the team and when I say team I’m talking about multiple sports in college and pro.

I grew up in a rural area in southwest Georgia and I had multiple teams. Bear with me as I try to explain the teams I followed. I rooted for two college teams, Florida State and University of Georgia because I lived in Georgia but I was about an hour away from Tallahassee which is where the Seminoles reside. I was a Braves fan for obvious reasons in the 90’s; they had star players and won a bunch of games.

The NFL is where things got a little weird for my love of sports teams. I didn’t really like watching the Falcons; I was one of the biggest Dallas Cowboys fans in the world. Most people think I jumped on the Cowboys bandwagon because they were winning all the time in the 90’s but that’s not the case. I’m a third generation Cowboys fan and my first bicycle had 33s all over it for the great Tony Dorsett. Could things have been different if the Falcons were a winning team or if they had some big name superstars? I don’t know, but I do know that most of my friends were loyal Falcons fans even though they were usually terrible.

I felt pretty much the same about Atlanta Hawks too even though they did have one of the best players in the NBA when I was growing up. Dominique Wilkins was a well-known superstar and most people that lived in Georgia rooted for him but for some reason it didn’t bother me if I saw the Hawks play or not. All I cared about back then was the Bulls. I wanted to know when the Bulls were going to be on television because I had to see Michael Jordan.

As an Adult

As an adult, things have changed a little bit, since I live in the Atlanta area now I don’t have the same connection with the Florida State Seminoles that I once had. I was still a ride or die fan for the Georgia Bulldogs but now my son plays college football, so of course I’m not going to pick a team over my own flesh and blood.

When it comes to the NBA I root for the Hawks because I live in the city but I usually watch/follow whatever team Lebron James is on. I was a fan when he entered the league and for me he kind of filled that void that Jordan left when he retired. As far as the Bulls, I stopped caring when Jordan left.

I root for the Braves in baseball kind of by default. I don’t really have a team that I have to see in the MLB, I just don’t follow the sport for whatever reason like I used to. I think that will be a good discussion for another day.

The only consistent thing in my sports life right now is the fact that I’m still a Dallas Cowboys fan. Yep, even though they haven’t had much success in recent years, I’m still a die-hard fan.


As I thought about this, I don’t think I’m much different from most other sports fans out there. There are a few people out there that are ride or die fans but I believe that most people are fans of certain athletes. I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I stopped watching Bulls games after Jordan left. I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I didn’t care what the Cavs were doing when Lebron left. I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I all of a sudden became a Miami Heat fan.

The point I’m trying to make is that people like individuals more than they like teams. I haven’t looked at any polls on this or researched it because I think polls are sometimes skewed depending on who you ask or where the polls are being done.

This is just my opinion and I’d love to hear what you think. Do you think people are more loyal to their “Team” or to their favorite players?

Leave me comment below.

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