Is the NBA Too Soft?

Soft NBA

There seems to be a rift between young NBA fans and old NBA fans. The old heads are always talking about how these young kids couldn’t have played back in the day because they’re too soft. The young kids say that the old players were too slow and just not athletic enough. I’m kind of stuck in the middle. Since

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The Steph Curry Hype is out of Control

Curry with the shot

I don’t think anyone will argue that Steph Curry deserved to be MVP this season. He was arguably the most improved player after having won the award last season too. So let me start this blog off by stating that I love Steph Curry, hell, I like his parents, his wife and kids are beautiful and Riley Curry is a

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So what should the Atlanta Hawks do?

ATL Hawks

Believe it or not, the Atlanta Hawks basketball fans aren’t really upset. They’re actually some of the most understanding fans in the NBA. Yep, they understand that the team has been meeting expectations for past few years. Sure they would love to see their team exceed expectations but a large majority of them really don’t expect their beloved Hawks to

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