Alternative Ways To Relieve Stress

How do you relieve stress in your life?  This is a health and fitness blog so quite naturally we endorse the benefits of exercise and healthy eating to help relieve stress.  But everyone doesn’t use fitness and health foods to relieve the stress of everyday life, but they have alternative way that they have found very effective.  Here are 3

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How To Get More Confidence

How to get more confidence

There is no better way to boost confidence than to start working out.  There is something about being active that makes you feel better physically as well as emotionally.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference.  Simply going for a walk in the neighborhood will give you a boost and help you feel like you can conquer the

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Dieting While On Vacation

How do you maintain a healthy diet while on vacation?  Well it’s not the easiest task in the world and besides; it’s vacation.  Most people; including myself, like to indulge a little more than normal when vacationing, but there is a difference between indulging and overindulging.  Stick to these 3 simple tips when trying to maintain a healthy diet on

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