What Time Should You Workout?

Feb 09

What Time Should You Workout?

What’s the best time of day to exercise? The answer to this question is totally up to the individual. In most cases, a person’s job affects when they hit the gym.

Personally, I like working out in the evening. After a long hard day at work, I use exercise to help with my winding down process. After a good workout and shower, it’s usually time for dinner and then it’s time to relax a watch a little television.

My wife on the other hand likes to get her workouts done as early as possible. It helps her wake up and it gets her day started in the right direction. She tried working out with me in the evening but it just wasn’t a good fit for her. She enjoys cooking dinner but after a long workday and a tough work, the last thing she wants to do is cook dinner. Which has caused us to have to suffer through my cooking or order out, which is another story.

So there really isn’t a perfect time to exercise, the goal is just to get it done. Find out what works for you and your schedule and find a way to make it work. There are some people that use the excuse that they just don’t have time, but we all know how to make time for what we really want.

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Take Your Diet Day By Day

Jan 30

Take Your Diet Day By Day

Have you ever completed a week of clean eating and at the end of that week you feel like you’ve climbed to the top of Mount Rushmore? Eating clean can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a good game plan.

The mistake I used to make was waiting till Friday before I assessed my eating results. I noticed a trend that I just couldn’t break. I would usually have a pretty good start to the week and then I would fall off track around Wednesday or Thursday. There were a couple of times when I messed up as early as Tuesday.

Failing week after week was so frustrating because I just couldn’t seem to stick to a routine. My intentions were good but my execution was all off.

Once I started assessing my meals on a daily basis, I was finally able to have some success. The goal I set for myself was very simple. I would usually have the same thing for breakfast every morning.

  • Oatmeal with fruit
  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • Coffee

I give myself a little more freedom during lunch. Just as long as I can exercise good portion control, I try to keep lunch pretty open.

As for dinner, this is where I run into problems. Before I started planning out my dinners the night before, I used to wing it; simply put, I’d figure it out when dinner time arrived. I would start the day with good intentions, but 2-3 times per week I’d end up getting fast food or frozen pizza.

My goal for dinner time is to keep portion size low and carbs to a minimum, but this is easier said than done. If I’m tired after work or I have to go somewhere after work that forces me to come home late, my plans to cook something healthy are over.

Day by Day

Since my problem has never been breakfast or lunch, I decided to start planning out my dinners the night before. I have a few go-to dishes which included boneless chicken breasts, flank steak, asparagus, sweet potatoes and lettuce, so I try to keep my fridge stocked with these items at all times. Every now and then I may deviate from these choices but it’s usually a conscious effort the night before.

Assessing my progress day by day has allowed me to have better weekly assessments. No longer do I feel like I’ve failed when Friday comes or that I’m starting over from scratch when Monday rolls back around. I end each week feeling like I’ve climbed to the tip of Mount Rushmore.

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Online Health and Fitness Training, Is It Right For You?

Jan 22

Online Health and Fitness Training, Is It Right For You?

Joining the gym and getting a personal trainer sounded like a great idea at the beginning of the year but for some people they are realizing that the traditional gym setting isn’t for them.

It can be really discouraging if you’ve been away from the gym for a while and you get sandwiched between two bodybuilders or two marathon runners on the treadmill.

Online Health and Fitness

People that have been away from the gym for a while need to have a place where they can feel comfortable getting back into the swing of things. I’m a big proponent of online training. That’s right, you can get everything you need by logging on to the web, especially if you’re just getting back into it.

Gyms are structured with the regulars in mind. Men have large egos and we really don’t want to be seen bench pressing if we aren’t even half as strong as the other guys around us. Most guys will say that it doesn’t matter but deep down it does.

Ladies are a little more open about it. They don’t mind telling anyone that they don’t want to go to certain gyms for whatever the reason may be.

People need more options to get in shape and the traditional gym setting may not be the best fit for many people. More trainers are using the internet to reach their clients. The great thing about cyber training is that both parties can be in different locations. All they need is internet access and the sessions can begin.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re interested in trying out cyber training, there are many options available. You won’t have to worry about competing with other gym rats are trying to find a gym that suites your needs. The internet has made it possible for us to live our lives in unconventional ways.

If you’re interested in online training with Slab World, fill out our contact form and someone will contact you.

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