Why In The Hell Would Kevin Durant Leave OKC?

Kevin Durant

I totally agree with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith when he said that Kevin Durant’s move to the Golden State Warriors was weak. I know I’m repeating what many people have already said but it’s worth saying again; why in the world would you go to the team that put you out of the playoffs? The thing that adds insult to

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Kevin Durant Needs To Keep His Ass In OKC

OKC Thunder

Why in the hell would Kevin Durant leave Oklahoma City? Sometimes I think some of these top tier athletes like to play around with free agency just so they can hear other organizations and top executives tell them how great they are. OKC arguably had the best team in the NBA this past season. Yeah, I meant that last statement. I

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The Cleveland Cavaliers Can Still Win

Cleveland Cavaliers

I had high hopes for the Cleveland Cavaliers going into Game 2 of the NBA Finals but after watching about 3 quarters I started asking myself if the Eastern Conference was really that much weaker than the Western Conference. I guess I let the commentators and Twitter influence how I felt. All the negative comments about the Cavs and the

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Should Jim Harbaugh Stay Out Of The South?

Harbaugh and Saban

Jim Harbaugh has really pissed Nick Saban off with his satellite camps. Saban said that he doesn’t really have a problem with Harbaugh, he just doesn’t like his satellite camps. Maybe I don’t understand everything Saban is talking about but according to him, Harbaugh is doing something illegal. Evidently Harbaugh has found a loophole in the NCAA rules and loopholes

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