Draymond Green is a Monster

Jul 13

Draymond Green is a Monster

The headlines about Draymond Green haven’t been too nice lately. He’s been labeled as a bad boy, a monster, a thug and probably much more that I haven’t even heard. Now I’ve been critical of Draymond recently myself. I tweeted that something needs to be done about Draymond during this year’s NBA Finals when he smacked LeBron James in his midsection. I didn’t believe him when he said his kick to Adam Steven’s midsection was an accident. So after the LeBron James situation I felt like it was time for the league to do something.

Even though I was critical of Draymond on my Twitter I also realized that he was the engine that made the Warriors go. He gets overshadowed by the Splash Brothers most nights but fans that follow the Golden State Warriors will tell you that if it were not for Draymond there is no way they would have been so successful.

The Warriors are known for being a bunch of light-skinned nice guys and the media rarely focuses on that dark-skinned villain in the middle. I get it; he’s not as marketable as the rest of the stars on the team.

It’s evident that Draymond knows his place on the team and he doesn’t have a problem being the villain, even when it comes to dealing with his teammates. We’ve all heard of and seen situations where Draymond has taken charge of his team and chewed their asses out for lack of energy or not including him on the offensive side of the ball. By no means is Draymond a punk, he proves it on the court, on the sidelines and even in the public.

Recently Draymond got into an altercation that caused him to get arrested. He allegedly slapped a man that was heckling him. Now I’m not a fan of anyone putting their hands on another person but fans can’t continue to say and do whatever they want to athletes.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people that feel like it’s okay to heckle people that are much bigger and stronger than them. Yeah you may get 5 minutes of fame and you may be able to get a little money from a lawsuit, but what person in their right mind would heckle a 6’7”, 230 pound bad boy?

As I stated earlier, I don’t condone violence but I also don’t condone people being bullied or harassed. If you’re bold enough to step to a 6’7, 230 pound athlete, be bold enough to deal with the consequences.