Goodbye Mr. Duncan, Well Done

Jul 11

Goodbye Mr. Duncan, Well Done

I consider myself to be a pretty serious NBA fan. I tweet throughout the season and probably just as much during the off-season for obvious reasons. I’ve gone as far as to create my own blog where I discuss sports on a regular basis. Having said that, one athlete that I’ve never mentioned in a blog and probably never tweeted about is Tim Duncan.

After finding out that he was retiring I was a little sad and I’m not completely sure why. I mean I was never a Spurs fan, I respected them but I just wasn’t a fan. I always found myself rooting for whomever they were playing against, especially in the playoffs. Speaking of the playoffs, Tim Duncan and the Spurs were there every year and every year I had to deal with my dad telling me how his Spurs were going to win it all again, year after year after year.

So even though I wasn’t a big fan of the Tim Duncan, I was forced to watch him play because I wasn’t going to miss NBA playoff games. Every year it seemed to be the same thing, Tim Duncan and whoever his teammates were during that era were going deep in the playoffs. The Big Fundamental (that’s what they called him) along with his legendary coach Greg Popovich were the glue that held everything together for so many years.

Many of Duncan’s teammates, former teammates and opponents showed him the upmost respect. He was anointed as the greatest power forward of all-time and many of them say he’s on their top 10 list of all-time players. He was well received by those that knew him but for NBA fans we never really got to know the guy. He never let us in the way that so many other top players do.

Something tells me that Tim Duncan knew he was going to end his career during the season, but in Tim Duncan fashion, he kept it to himself. He lead us on to believe that he would be an old man out there in the middle of the Spurs lineup for years to come still threatening to win the west and bring yet another championship to San Antonio, Texas, but that time has come to an end.

Now that I know I won’t see Timmy in the playoffs again, it already seems like something is missing. Unlike Kobe who said his goodbyes all throughout the season, there just seems to be something different about Duncan hanging up his Adidas. We all knew this time would come and even though I never cheered for the Spurs the way my dad did, I’m going to miss seeing that awkward 7 foot guy and his boring play beat every team I cheered for.