Why In The Hell Would Kevin Durant Leave OKC?

Jul 05

Why In The Hell Would Kevin Durant Leave OKC?

I totally agree with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith when he said that Kevin Durant’s move to the Golden State Warriors was weak. I know I’m repeating what many people have already said but it’s worth saying again; why in the world would you go to the team that put you out of the playoffs? The thing that adds insult to injury is the fact that they had the Golden State Warriors beat. There is no reason why the Oklahoma City Thunder shouldn’t have tried to keep that team together because they proved that they could have very easily been considered the best team in the NBA, especially after beating the San Antonio Spurs the series before.

Why Would KD Leave?

The only conclusion I can come to as to why KD would be leaving is because he wanted a change of scenery. I’ve never been to Oklahoma City but I do have access to the internet and I’m pretty sure that California and the Bay Area has much more to offer to a young, rich, popular NBA superstar.

Let’s be honest, when is the last time you heard anyone that doesn’t live in the Midwest say they couldn’t wait to go to Oklahoma City? I live in the Atlanta area and I’ve had multiple people tell me they’ve been to the bay area and that they couldn’t wait to go back. I worked with a guy that grew up just outside of San Francisco and he said the only reason he doesn’t still live there is because he can’t afford it.

Well Durant won’t have that problem. He can live wherever he wants and the move will only help build his celebrity. So for that reason I really can’t judge him on the move. Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the more progressive areas in the world? I know I’d move out there if I were in his position…that is unless I had other options in similar locations.

Personally I think the Clippers would have been a better fit for KD. He would have had an opportunity to play with a “Pass First” point guard in Chris Paul and a top tier rim protector in DeAndre Jordan, which is something that’s going to be missing with his new Warriors team. Along with a better team; in my opinion, he would also play in Los Angeles. Need I say any more about the location? I’ve been to Los Angeles multiple times and I just can’t get enough of that city.

Russell Westbrook

Since this move makes absolutely no sense to me I can’t help but wonder what kind of relationship Kevin Durant had with Russell Westbrook. These two guys both finished in the top 5 in the MVP balloting this past season, when was the last time that was done by teammates? I’ll wait.


I can’t help but think there must have been some bad blood between the two. Maybe I’m reaching a bit but like I’ve said countless times since I heard the decision, this makes no sense to me. Tell me what you think about the move. Did he leave because he just wanted to be in California? Is he running away from Russell Westbrook or is there some other reason why Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City.