Beware Of Get Skinny Quick Schemes

Jan 16

Beware Of Get Skinny Quick Schemes

Have you ever talked to someone that was always getting involved in a get rich quick scheme or a get skinny quick scheme? They are so motivated for the first week or so and then they realize that it’s not going to work.

I’m not sure why these same people are so willing to try these schemes or scams over and over again. The fact of the matter is that they just don’t work.

As for the get skinny quick schemes, someone tried to explain to me why the one that they were doing was a good idea. They were certain that if they were able to stick to the 2 week plan; which promised they would lose some god awful amount of weight, then they would just maintain their weight from that point on.

I can’t remember all the details of this particular diet but it was basically a detox. They were only going to consume liquids for a week and then slowly reintroduce solid foods. Now let me first say that I have nothing against detoxing. I think it’s a wonderful thing when done correctly. It’s a great way to purify the body and yes you will lose some weight in the process. The problem I have isn’t with detoxing, it’s the people that think detoxing is the end all be all to weight loss.

What I tried to explain to this person is that they would indeed lose some weight from detoxing but once their diet returned to normal, the weight was going to return. They assured me that this was not going to be the case for them. They were going to keep the weight off and the only reason they needed to do it was to give themselves a boost.


The reality of the situation is that nothing worth having is going to be easy. I try to explain to everyone that I talk to about health and fitness that it’s a lifestyle that most people aren’t willing to adapt. Weight loss happens when you make up your mind to change your lifestyle. You have to become more active and resist the urge to indulge in certain foods (unhealthy foods) all the time.


Don’t believe the hype. There is no such thing as a get skinny quick programs. These programs will fill your head with false dreams and take your money, but don’t be discouraged. There are some really good programs out there, some that will help you develop healthy habits and keep you accountable throughout the week.

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