How to Save Calories

Who doesn’t like food?  Good food is one of the greatest pleasures we have.  The problem is that too much good food can lead to a gamut of problems.  So any health conscious person; that loves to eat, has to find ways to save calories.

Over the past few years I’ve read countless blogs and articles about food and found that there is an alternative to almost everything I eat.  I’ve tried many of them, some I like and others not so much.  So here are 3 things I substituted and actually liked.

White bread for wheat bread

We’ve all heard how dangers carbs can be to our waistlines and main carb weakness has to be bread.  I chose to substitute white bread for wheat bread and now I love wheat bread.  Yes, it was a bit of a change for me because I grew up eating white bread but now I prefer the taste of wheat bread over white bread.  Even when I eat out, I always ask or check to see if there is a wheat option.

Some people argue that there isn’t that big of a difference in calories between the two, but my response to that is that every calorie counts.  In addition to having fewer calories there are also fewer additives in wheat bread as well.

Pork for turkey

The way that most of us eat is a reflection of how we were raised.  Even though my parents made an attempt to watch their weight, they weren’t the healthiest eaters.  Even when we ate vegetables, they were seasoned with pork.  Yes it was good, but bacon isn’t the best option for seasoning vegetables.  Even when my parents purchased lunch meat for sandwiches, we at bologna or ham.  (By the way, why isn’t bologna pronounced like its spelled?  I guess that’s a topic for another day.)

Turkey meat is a great alternative for seasoning and for lunch meat and it has fewer calories.  Once again, it took a little while for my taste buds to get adjusted but now I love the taste of turkey meat.  I’ve even began to choose turkey over beef in many situations.

Sugary drinks for lemon water

As I stated earlier, I love to eat and when I found out how many calories I was consuming with soft drinks, I knew I had to make a change.  So I turned to juices and health drinks, but even though they were healthier, they were still packed with calories.  The only other alternative was water and at the time I hated drinking water with my meals; that is until I started squeezing lemon into my water.

So whenever I would go out to eat, I would ask the waiter for extra lemon wedges.  No it wasn’t as pleasing as a tall glass of Coke but over time my desire for sugary drinks began to fade.  Now I drink water with most of my meals because it’s what I prefer and I’m saving calories.

Quick tip

I wasn’t able to stop drinking sodas cold turkey.  I started using smaller cups at home and my wife and I would share a drink when we would go out to eat, along with the lemon water.  It took a little while before I was able to comfortably eat meals without the desire for sugary drinks.  Some people prefer the taste of lime in their water or a mixture of lemon and lime.  Experiment with both fruits and see which one works best for you.

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about these tip